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Frankenstein skin painting

Here is one from the archives. I have had this picture uploaded for a while it seems but never posted it. If there is interest I will post a full write up on the paint process. When I started Frank he was just a head sculpt. Then I decided to make him a full bust sculpt. The base came about… (more…)

Creating Lichens on a Prop Piece

Adding texture and color variation is an excellent way to increase the visual interest of a prop or piece of artwork. Weathering a piece gives a sense of age and creepiness that adds to the overall atmosphere of a display. I have received many comments about the aging techniques I used on my “Pumpkin Baby” statue and would like to… (more…)

Painting skin tones on creatures

Painting skin tones is a technique I struggled with for a long while and something I will continue to refine with each piece. This post will show how I painted my “Grimferatu” piece which was a commissioned piece. I use Liquitex soft body acrylics (all colors listed in “”) I use “unbleached titanium” as the base of my skintone with… (more…)

Props of the past Mr. Lo Pan

I have blogged about Mr. Lo Pan a few times. But I have never posted about how I made him. I cannot draw so all of my pieces start in my head as concepts. I usually just start building, I don’t even make a sketch first. He was made for a contest at The contest was to use Monster… (more…)