Some new plaster masks on the bench

I have been working on some new mask pieces the past few weeks. Here are the results.

10661940_10204096820916647_3428479803084323283_o 798165_10204097050442385_8725621621428713974_o 10446124_10204036109038888_3001802153459684363_o

I have been trying to work with plaster unsuccessfully for the past few years off and on. I finally have it figured out I think. All of these pieces are all plaster and plaster bandages, the clown piece has a Apoxie sculpt nose. The biggest issue I have had working in plaster is that it sucks up most of the paint I put on the surface. That has finally been solved.

They are painted with acrylic paints, acrylic inks, and acrylic glaze.



El Gallo Diablo

I had forgotten about this piece. I found him in the corner of the basement.

gallodiablo 077 gallodiablo 066 gallodiablo 076

Mask rehabilitation

I have been going through old pieces I made several years ago. These were experiments, I was playing with new materials then and didn’t spend as much time as I should have painting them and caring for them. They spent a good amount of time on my shop floor, and then a shelf until they were rescued and put in a plastic bin and stored away. I decided to touch them up today and fix some of the blemishes that had developed. They has chips in their paint and some broken, crumbling edges.

P1030304 P1030301

The one on the left is plaster and inks, the one on the right is  mache clay and acrylic and inks.




Archive pictures of Dolly

I was recently collecting old pictures from various computers and found these.

dolly 149 dolly 161 dolly dolly 130 dolly 133

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